The world of gaming is very complex and fascinating. Video gaming has had a significant impact on human society, from improving some skills to discouraging physical activity, and from providing people with an occupation in the leisure time to allowing others to earn millions of dollars from eSports tournaments. Most of the people we know have played a video game at least once in their lives, and various age categories, from pre-schoolers to seniors, enjoy this activity. For some teenagers and young adults, it has become a lifestyle.

Here are some topics you can expect to find on this website:

• How you can earn money by playing video games?
• Some of the most successful gamers in the world
• How video games have changed the world we live in
• Some of the most successful eSport games that bring professional gamers high earnings
• Reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming
• A list of best-selling home video game consoles of all time
• 12 gaming accessories any gamer would like to have.

Couple playing video games
Wondering why people are so passionate about video games and why you also have some favourite titles you would like to play at any time?

Here are some of the interesting facts that explain the success of video games and the interest we have on this aspect of popular culture:

• What kind of trading can bring money to gamers
• How you can sell your character
• Why game testing may not be such an enjoyable job
• How you can earn money by having other people watch your gameplay
• How you can write reviews about video games and earn money
• What you can include in a podcast about gaming
• What eSport tournaments are and how you can participate
• Who is the highest earning eSport professional
• Who is the CEO of eSports organization Evil Geniuses
• What professional gamer is known by the name Aui_2000
• What professional gamer retired in 2016 due to health issues
• What popular culture is and how it has been influenced by video games
• What skills can be improved by playing video games
• Negative effects of playing video games, such as less physical activity and poorer social skills
• Facts about the video game industry
• On what video game Dota is based on
• From what game Heroes of Newerth is derived
• How playing video games on computers is more cost-effective
• Why computer games provide better handling
• How computer provide better game graphics
• How online multiplayer mode is more accessible on computers
• Which is the best-selling console of all times
• Which console ended the domination of Nintendo and Sega
• How Wii was different from other consoles
• Which is the only Microsoft product to make it to top 5 best-selling home video consoles
• How you can create in your room an ambience matching the experience of the game
• Features of gaming mice

Keep on reading to find out more about the irresistible world of gaming and computer games! We hope this website will inspire you to play new games and benefit from the advantages of gaming rather than being affected in a negative manner.