12 reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming

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Are you wondering whether you should buy the newest game console on the market or not or are you a PC gamer looking for reassurance? This article will present you the main advantages PC games have over consoles. Even some of the most passionate gamers say PC games are the best option. So let’s dig in!

1. Saving money

PC games are cheaper than console games due to the higher competition between products. There are fewer console games, while the large number of PC games requires producers to lower prices. The cost of hardware should also be considered. With computer gaming, you can choose any hardware based on your preferences and budget, but if you choose consoles, you will support bigger costs with fewer customization options. So, if you are on a budget, PC games are a better option for you.

2. Variety

Minecraft screenshotThe world of PC games is more diverse compared to consoles. Any developer can create games for the PC platform, and many independent titles have acquired huge success. Those who easily get bored with a game should opt for PC due to the wider variety.

3. Better handling

Video game controllerConsole controllers have been created especially for playing games, and yet they often lack the complexity, accuracy, and speed provided by mice and keyboards. Plus you can add gadgets such as gamepads and other peripherals to your computer if you want to enrich your gaming experience.

4. Easier hardware upgrades

If your computer is outdated, you can easily remove its old components and replace them with new hardware which will keep you advanced enough to play the latest video games. The situation is different with consoles – you have no choice but to use the components they are released with. This means that a console becomes obsolete faster than a computer system and you will have to buy a new one regularly to stay on the bleeding edge of gaming.

5. Better graphics

Consoles have limited graphical capabilities, and you’d have to afford a very expensive one to enjoy excellent graphical capabilities. A $500 computer can equal or even outperform a console launched recently.

6. Saving space

computerIf you don’t have many square meters available at your home, you probably don’t need one more item in your home to eat up your space and gather dust. All-in-one options like computers are better – you use the Internet, you work, you watch movies, you play games, you shop online – all using one device. Buying a console means spending several hundred dollars, while updating your computer to transform it into a gaming machine will cost you a couple hundred dollars. And you already needed that PC for other things, right?

7. Access to mods

Computer games allow the development of mods – let’s say producers have overlooked an issue or you just want to enjoy a completely new adventure within your favorite game. This is completely possible with computer games, and the large majority of mods are free.

8. Fewer games are console exclusives now

Some very popular games, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Grow Home, or No Man’s Sky used to be console exclusive, but now they can also be played on PC. There still are some titles surviving the interdiction, like Uncharted 4, but their number is decreasing. On the other hand, a lot of games are launched for PC and they don’t make it to console. Fewer restrictions related to game platforms means more chances of choosing PC over console.

9. Console emulators

Although it is a legally-gray area, the existence of console emulators should be mentioned as well. If you want to play a console game on PC, you can easily do it by using dedicated software. The quality of graphics may not be the same, though.

10. Having access to the history of computer games

Would you like to play a title that was popular 30 years ago? No problem, you will probably find it online as a retro Flash game. On the other hand, if you are nostalgic about a game you used to play on console when you were a kid, there are fewer chances you will find it again, either the original or a copy for PC.

11. Changing the field of view

Some people need to change their field of view if they suffer from motion sickness. Computers allow you to change your FOV, while consoles are around 60 degrees, without the possibility of adjustment.

12. Not paying for online multiplayer

Computer games have free online multiplayer options, while playing your favorite console game with your friends online is more complicated and could imply additional costs.

The PC game versus console battle will probably never be over. There are fans of computers and fans of PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo – but if you draw the line and look for a rational point of view, you will probably end up being in favor of computers.

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